new finished piece

February 2, 2011

Black long sleeve shirt features heart cut-out with vintage fabric patch





Reworked cropped quilt vest with banana button and velvet hook detail



Maroon corduroy skirt reworked into pinafore features nautical motif and contrasting hot pink stitching



Black denim jacket reworked into cropped frayed vest featuring various buttons



Blue denim jacket reworked into cropped frayed vest featuring various buttons



Welcome 2011!

January 12, 2011

So here I am writing my first blog post for the year. I had been thinking about the infrequency of my posts and how, ideally, I want to be posting once a week. Then I came on here and saw that many people are in the same boat so I pledge now to Post a Week. It can be a New Year’s resolution of sorts.

Last week I was fortunate enough to have a day off work and managed to indulge in some op-shopping. This was great because I was in need of some new (/old) pieces to work on. I came out with two jackets, a vest, a shirt and two things just for me! A gorgeous brown silky playsuit that I am dying to wear and need somewhere to wear! And a little top that I have promised an outing – to work tomorrow. Here are a few pics of my finds before I get to them with the quick unpick…

I was lucky enough to find quite a lot of clothes with potential and more importantly, in various sizes. I am excited about that as I am aiming to have a range of different sizes for the next market stall. I started work on the pale denim jacket tonight (you can see a severed arm if you look very closely in the picture…) and will finish before Sunday so I can show Bonnie at our picnic in the hope of some very honest feedback. Scary!

I came across a rather amazing website whilst on my travels at work today¬† I have read through a few of the articles and cannot wait to read more. It looks like it will be a very valuable resource and hopefully it helps me as I endeavour to put everything into this little venture and learn as much as I can along the way. Here’s to 2011!

Adios 2010!

December 27, 2010

Looks like my last post wasn’t my last post after all! After getting a little bit of time up my sleeve this morning I managed to finish two pieces and they are now market-ready! I was too excited about them to leave it for posting til the New Year and at this rate I think there will be many more to come so I figure, why wait?

Full length denim skirt reworked into mini with a cuffed hem, tartan trim and dog detail


Three quarter length jeans reworked into cut-off shorts with patches and vintage fabric pocket detail


Blackbird Market

December 24, 2010

Birds Are Confused will be having a stall at the Blackbird Market @ the Worker’s Club on Saturday February 12th. Such great news at Christmas time! I am really excited about this market and will be using the time off over the holidays to finish off some more pieces and upload them to the blog. I have two more pieces I am currently working on and endeavour to have photos and descriptions up next week.

So Merry Christmas to you all and I will see you in the New Year!


Selling out

December 21, 2010





We got through the first market on Sunday – after consuming way too many pizza shapes and Oreos I made my first sale! It was all rather exciting and probably one of my favourite pieces. Actually there was some competition over this one as two stall holders were eyeing it off, one for herself and the other as a Christmas gift for her niece in Sydney. When she didn’t hear back from her niece and I passed the other stall holder’s stall and let her know somebody else was keen for the pinafore she quickly handed cash over! I hope the lovely woman who bought it will have many years of enjoyment wearing it and hopefully lots of compliments in it too. In the meantime, Jackie and I are applying for more markets in Melbourne with the aim of holding a stall once a month starting from February 2011. This gives me plenty of time to get working on lots of new pieces and three are already in the works so watch out soon! However, it will need to wait until after this weekend as I will be having way too much fun at the Meredith Music Festival to be thinking about sewing machines and blogs…

The first Birds Are Confused market stall is booked for the Abbotsford Convent Sunday Arts market on December 5th. It’s all rather exciting and there are lots still to organise before the big day. Please see flier here with all the details –

sunday arts market postcard

Here is the last installment of the pieces that will be sold on the day of the market. These are the prices each item will be sold for and there will be a special deal to purchase two $30 pieces for $50 on the day. Total bargain!


Denim jacket reworked into cropped frayed vest featuring various buttons




Navy velour halter-neck jumpsuit reworked into dress with anchor motif and cord belt




Reworked cropped hotdog and donut print vest




Denim jeans reworked into frayed cut-off shorts with patch detail


Let the countdown begin

November 17, 2010

So there is talk of our first market stall taking place on Sunday 5th of December. I will confirm the time and place once our application has been accepted. Until then, here are some more goodies which will be unveiled and available for purchase on the day!

Military green full length dress reworked into cropped vest


Three quarter length skirt reworked into denim mini featuring green button and pocket trim detail

reaching double-figures

November 9, 2010

I proudly present the tenth piece made thus far! I will now be posting before photos of each piece so you can see what each item once was. My aim originally was to do this but I was too scissor-happy with the first (9) items that I simply forgot to get the camera out in time!

Reworked now-collarless shirt with contrasting black buttons